postcard collageAbout Steamship Postcards & Postcard Collecting

Steamship Postcards exhibits a collection of vintage steamship postcards and collectibles ranging from the early to mid 1900’s.

This collection includes postcards that exhibit steamship
images and art, as well as images of dockyards, ports and pastoral scenes that were often seen from the routes that the lines traveled.

Each of the photo galleries features a steamship line from its respective era, containing high resolution images of the postcards contained in the collection.

Steamship Postcards is an example of Deltiolgy, the formal name used in the United States for postcard collecting. Deltiolgy is currently the third largest collectable hobby in the world, surpassed only by coin and stamp collecting.

The postcards include examples from many eras of postcard distribution: The Undivided Back Era, The Divided Back Era, The Early Modern Era or White Border Period, and The Linen Card Era.

Postcards, both today and since their inception in the mid-1800’s, were developed as a form of travel souvenirs as well as a means of personal and business related communication.